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Who we are

Reliant Engineered Products, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a trusted representative of high-quality engineered valves and actuation manufacturers in the North American Industrial Markets. With a focus on collaborating with the Industrial Distribution supply chain throughout different regions of the country, we bring together our extensive experience of over seventy-five years and established relationships in industries such as Power, Oil & Gas, Cryogenic & LNG, Aerospace, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Sanitary, Food & Beverage, Industrial Gases, Marine, and EPCs.

Our role is to establish a strong network of distribution for the companies we represent across the USA and Canada. We have strategically partnered with engineered valve companies that have a proven track record of providing exceptional solutions and high-quality products that surpass performance requirements. With our combined experience within the Valve and Automation industry and our in-house actuation capabilities, we offer comprehensive support to our clients. Furthermore, our well-stocked inventory enables us to provide faster lead times, enhancing overall project performance.

Whether it’s addressing Cryogenic Applications or Steam Bypass valves, we are well-equipped to provide expert guidance and offer products that unlock new opportunities for mutual growth and success.

Jim Garza – President & CEO

Industries Served
Cryogenic & LNG
Pipe Line
Food & Beverage
Industrial Gases
Oil & Gas
Pulp & Paper